The Rotary Club of Canterbury has been serving our local & international communities since 1987. We have an active social and project program. Our members love being part of our Club and enjoy participating in all our activities. You are invited to come along to:

Once you get to know us, you might like to become a Rotary Friend or even to join the 1.2 million Rotarians as a club member. We will make you feel very welcome.

Carmela Dimasi is our newest Rotarian

carmelaThe newest member of our club, Carmela, was recently inducted by our Club President, Doug, into the vocational classification of Property Management. All members welcome Carmela to membership of this great club, knowing we have many very worthwhile projects in which she could contribute. Fifty new friends made tonight!

Welcome Kathleen

KathleneWe warmly welcome Kathleen Stapleton as a member of our Rotary Club of Canterbury. Kathleen was a former member of the Rotary Club of Boroondara before this transfer to our Club. At the last meeting of her former Club, Kathleen was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship Award in recognition of her work and contribution to the Boroondara Club.

Seven New Members

BoroondaraIt was my very great pleasure last Monday, in the absence of President Doug Hawley, to induct Nick Peardon and the six transferring Rotary Club of Boroondara members, namely: Chris James, Anne Josefsberg, Cathie Macmillan, Greg Vero, Rosemary Waghorne and Ted Waghorne and officially welcome them all to our Rotary Club of Canterbury. Every Nickone of them brings a breadth of knowledge, skills and talents to add to our team. We all extend our best wishes to them and their family members and friends. We believe that their future association with our Club will be fruitful and rewarding for us all.

Nora Ley
Vice President

President’s Message – Doug Hawley

This is a special year because of the many anniversaries that are occurring. This is the Thirtieth Year of our Club and we will have a special evening to celebrate this in April next year. This October was the Twentieth Medical Mission to the Philippines. To date, our missions have screened over 100,000 people, including children. This has resulted in over 3,000 people who were totally blind but can now see, as well as corrections done for many other eye problems. In addition, we have detected and saved the hearing of many children. We went to the island of Mindoro this year for our medical mission. This year is also the Hundredth Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation. You will be hearing much more of this during the year and one of our tasks will be to get the message out to the general public about the many and great activities that the Rotary Foundation undertakes. Perhaps the message that would attract the greatest attention would be the announcement that the world is free from Polio. In 1985, Rotary launched its Polio Plus campaign to rid the world of Polio. To do this Rotary was going to need to raise US$120 million. Many thought Rotary was deluding itself, but today the results are US$1.5 billion has been raised and over 2.5 billion children immunised in Val_co122 countries. This is a fantastic achievement and a story that we must get out to the general public this year. Even though the disease is or is almost eradicated, Rotary will need to continue to fund it for a few more years so as to ensure that no new outbreaks occur.

We are largely continuing most of the projects that we have been successfully undertaking in the past. However, there are some new initiatives for 2016-17. Firstly, our Busy Feet Program is being run in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Camberwell with assistance from Boroondara Council. It provides a weekly program of dance and music for disabled children. Secondly, our Food Pack Program for provision of single meal packs for a family of 5-6 people to be used when a catastrophe hits a developing world location, like the Philippines. As many of you know, making up food packs is labour intensive but those that participated in the pilot program felt that it was a fun activity and very productive. We will continue to expand this project and hopefully involve other Rotary Clubs and other organisations such as schools, Guides, Scouts, etc. We will also approach Australian producers of rice, oats and lentils to donate cereals for packing. Thirdly, a Friends of Rotary Program is being developed because our Club has always been a hands-on Club rather than a funding Club. Our projects require a fair bit of volunteering and many people, particularly young people, are not prepared to commit to full Club membership but are very willing to assist us in any special activity. This year we plan to have special volunteering events, such as a food pack evening for our Friends, including our past Philippines Medical Mission orthoptist students.

The Theme for this Rotary Year is Rotary Serving Humanity. Our plan is to have fun together while we attempt to live out this theme through our many projects. I am sure that we will all experience in this year the pleasure of volunteering in one or more of the many activities that the Club will undertake. For example, the joy of seeing a young child get pleasure out of the Busy Feet program or being able to witness the bandages being removed from the eyes of someone whose sight has just been restored and recognising that this would not have happened unless you made the effort to volunteer – this is very special. If you are engaged in activities of the Club that make these things possible, you will know that the projects would not have occurred unless you played your important part in the Club activities.

So finally, I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to lead you in this year. Let us all work together to have fun and finish the year in an even stronger position than when we started it.


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