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The Rotary Club of Canterbury have been serving our Local & international communities since 1987. We have an active social and project program. Our members love being part of our Club and enjoy participating in all our activities.  Want to be involved? See below

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Some of our projects seek participants from our local community. You or your children may be able to participate e.g. Youth Leadership training or overseas cultural and job exchange Click Here for a short Brochure of our projects

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Club History
Our club was chartered in 1987 and merged with the Rotary Club of North Camberwell in 2005. North Camberwell was chartered in 1984 and was the fifth Rotary club to be chartered in Camberwell.

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Our Rotary Club is proud to be a member of DIK Inc the major sponsor of Donations In Kind West Footscray.

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Peter May

Acting President's Message

For some time now, many Rotarians have been convinced that their children and grandchildren are in fact communicating in a different language to the one we have been taught and used since school days. On Monday night, it was confirmed that this is indeed the case…. and confirmed by an expert in the English language and an educator who works with “the Like Generation.”
Our Guest Speaker was Michelle Maglitto, a middle and senior school teacher of English, History and English Language at Methodist Ladies College… she is a colleague of Annette Gitz at MLC and we are very grateful to Annette and Bill Granger for inviting such an articulate, intelligent and entertaining speaker to address our Club. Michelle started her teaching career in England in two comprehensive schools. Following this, she taught English to international students and locals in England, Sweden and then in Melbourne. After teaching at language centres in Melbourne, she returned to the secondary sector and taught at Marcellin College and then at MLC. She is a presenter on VCE English Language Unit 3 and 4 for Engage Education. Michelle is currently working towards her Doctorate of Education at Melbourne University. She is indeed a most intelligent and interesting young professional and also a keen traveler and dilettante.

Michelle Maglitto

Michelle treated our very engaged audience to her explanation of “Teenspeak” and “the Like Generation”. She also explained other mysteries including why many teens have to put every boring mundane everyday activity of their lives on Facebook and Twitter…. quite simply it is because they need validation and affirmation of who they are…. “I have 200 friends on Facebook and so many followers”.

Language does of course vary according to age, gender and nationality but Teenspeak is all about conformity and inclusion. Michelle called upon Ja’mie King (aka Chris Lilley) to demonstrate this point in an amusing but close to the bone video from the TV show. She later played another absolute classic clip on the current usage of grammar in the English language… it was quick and brilliant and the link is included by Max later in this Bulletin for those like me who want to see it again and pick up on the many gems we missed.
The Like Generation are also often seen as the Me Generation and regarded as totally self centred and shallow… they are often aged 13 to 18, use Americanisms and upward inflections… Oh My God, did I say that… how awesome! Here are a few you probably don’t recognize… cheezin (smiling), Wambulance (exhausted I think), moo (bored), my bad (my fault)… and many more. Using these terms immediately includes the user in the “In Group” with a sense of belonging and exclusion of others. It is the same with texting where terms are now part of our language… LTM (laugh to myself), ROTFLUTS (roll on the floor laughing unable to speak), NINKU (no I’m not kidding you). It is also about power and authority and a way to be rebellious and reject the mainstream. Not a lot different to what earlier generations have done with language in a time of less sophisticated technology. Come to think of it, not much different to a group of Rotarians talking largely in acronyms and titles as they often tend to do.

Nevertheless, our generation is often critical of the Like Generation and pine for the day when English will be correctly used again…. we are prescriptivists, a technical word meaning boring old farts. Michelle did however have some good news for the critics. As these expressions get picked up and used by the older generation (and like this is happening like a lot), the Teens will drop it and move on to something else with new expressions. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to immediately use Teenspeak to accelerate this process.

A wonderfully entertaining and interesting presentation from a very likeable and intelligent young woman… thank you Michelle and also Annette. I might also say it was also extremely well chaired by our own Lili-Ann who nodded wisely and knowingly many times during Michelle’s presentation.

On Monday we were also pleased to again welcome Matt Millar, a previous visitor to our Club and a local Canterbury resident recently returned after two years in London. We all hope he comes again and becomes a regular visitor and a member.

Finally, there is a notice elsewhere in this Bulletin about the Servants Book Launch at Xavier College. This is one of our Club’s strong Community involvements and this one also has relevance to Sue Clifford as one of her students is one of the journalists in this book (Melbourne Girls College). This event is free and I hope we may have some members go along to support the launch.

Next week, our Philippines team will be back, exhausted but no doubt exhilarated…. we look forward to seeing them and hearing the success stories.
Acting President John McCaskill

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Club Bulletin - 23 Oct 2014

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Monday Oct 27 - “How are things at Camberwell High”  Maureen Salter (Camberwell High School)

Monday Nov 03 - "Horsing Around” Partners and Friends Night

Monday Nov 10 - “Options in Retirement Living”  Speaker: Anne Kemp

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Next Speaker       Prof Jill Keeffe OAM

Professor Jill Keeffe has been working in Hyderabad in India at the L V Prasad Eye Institute where she has a part-time position – she visits here four times a year.

Jill left full time work at the Centre for Eye Research Australia just over a year ago and now works in Hyderabad, but also has a position with Lions Clubs International (and she is a Lion) as a Technical Advisor, with her region being some south-east Asian countries and the Pacific. Jill plans to talk about developments in Ophthalmology generally or she could present on the challenges and successes in providing eye care in low and mid-resource countries. This is certainly relevant to the Canterbury project in the Philippines. Jill will be in the Philippines again later this year.

Jill is looking forward to meeting up with friends at Rotary Club of Canterbury.  She saw Doug Hawley at his OAM induction, as her partner, John, received one too.  John is in the Rotary Club of Seymour.

PP Jill Keeffe OAM


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Vice President John MacCaskill inducting new member Brett Riley

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