What an effort from the FORaMEAL team and those members who provided their support during the Federation Square Big Difference packing event on 27 May and at RICON23 packing event. Doug and Nora were the organisers of these events alongside the team at District 9800 including Lili Teichmann and Janet Hay. Needless to say, this is a Canterbury program and we did ourselves proud!
Special mention to those who underwent Supervisor training and assisted the crowd during these events - thank you.
100,000 meals packed at Fed Square during the Big Difference - the event went so well that it had to finish at 2.30pm when the supplies ran out!
During this time the team were at the House of Friendship where they packed 30,000 meals on Saturday (same time as Fed Square!!), 15,000 on Monday, 15,000 on Tuesday and another 10,000 on Wednesday.
Total packing for the event was 170,000 meals - a magnificent effort and credit to all the Rotarians, Friends of Rotarians and members of the public who participated.