A History of the Rotary Club of Canterbury

Incorporating the Rotary Clubs of North Camberwell & Booroondara



With the history of our club, it is also very important to include the proud history of the Rotary Club of North Camberwell (later known as Boroondara Sunrise) and the Rotary Club of Boroondara.

The history of any organisation contains the building blocks of the traditions and stories, as opposed to myths, on which progress and development can be measured, and we can take pride in the fact that these conjoined clubs have contributed much to our community both local and internationally, and have shown that the Rotary motto of “Service above self” has been continually demonstrated since each club’s inception.

Rotarians, Ian Coopes and Peter Lyall have spent many hours collating this wonderful record of our club since 1987.

District Awards for 2015-16
District Awards for 2015-16