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Last Weeks meeting July 19th
Last Weeks meeting July 19th
Well back to Zoom it was and a well attended meeting despite the challenges of getting on board. Your scribe puts his hands up and takes the blame for that!  Hopefully everyone got their message back as I responded to 8 texts and phone calls and emails! Lesson learned.
The selfie didn’t happen but this screenshot shows President Cathie so one could call it a virtual selfie.
Matters in the interest of Rotary
Val spoke about the success of the MacRob packing event and there is more on that below
Bob spoke about the Yarra Park Playground as it nears completion. He has a pile of brochures which will need to be letterbox dropped closer to the opening date and has asked for volunteers. The club has been given a designated area so please put up your hand to help. Fingers crossed, like with everything else, that we are out of lockdown and have halted this latest spread.
Edda said she had spoken Tim Carver of Parks Victoria who advised that the mountain bikers had returned and caused some damage to the recently planted area. Discussions are under way to do some remedial work
Anne B put out a call for help with the RYLA interview process
Lili-Ann reminded everyone that the Waggle Dance would be included as part of the opening ceremony, getting us all ready to strut our stuff.
For those who missed it John Pocock sent out an email confirming that this Sundays 25 July Camberwell Market is closed. 
Last Weeks Speaker Dr John Tickell
The Rotary Club of Canterbury was very fortunate, at very short notice, to obtain a wonderful speaker in Dr John Tickell. He spoke to us about the way of life of the older residents on the island of Okinawa, whom he described at "The longest living, healthiest people on earth". 
Dr John Tickell began his working life as a GP in Whittlesea, working also as a part-time obstetrician. The led him to ask the most obvious question: What makes people sick?
Eighty percent of people in Australia have a chronic disease. CHAD (Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimers, Diabetes) being the main cause. Dr Tickell's new acronym is ACE (Activity, Coping, Eating). According to him, our Western way of life is a steep contrast to those in Okinawa. Western life necessitates a huge lump of protein, contrasted with the eighteen to twenty-two different plant foods eaten daily in Okinawa. Flesh sits in your intestines.
Breakfast requires roughage and fibre - natural fibre. Activity should be a daily part of your life ( six thirty minute sessions a day). Anything that ends with "cide" should be removed from growing food. Cease spraying poisons on food. Walking briskly is vital for good health. Coping means that stress i a reaction to pressure. We should be able to physically and mentally handle pressure.
1. Basic food versus Bonus Food
2. Low levels of Human Interference in the production of food
3. Three meals a day - including fibre, cereals, fresh fruit, toast, whole grains, vegetables.
4. Fifteen bits of plant food daily, as modelled by the elderly Okinawans
5. Three relaxing deep breaths every hour to lower blood pressure
Contact Dr John Tickell ( website)
Next Weeks Speaker Aruna Venktachalam ( Be Your Own Boss)
Next Weeks Speaker Aruna Venktachalam (Be Your Own Boss)
In conjunction with The Rotary Club of Brighton, Aruna and Jo Kwok (Director, Youth and Vocational Services) head an initiative which gives youth an opportunity to build a business and make a difference. They encourage them to help youth see problems as opportunities through social entrepreneurship and helping young people to become part of the change agent process.
The goal is for them to see that building a business will make a difference.
Aruna is Head of Partnerships and International
We look forward to listening to Aruna as we all should be part of helping our Youth to reach their potential
MacRob FORaMEAL Packing Event July 15th
MacRob Packing event
Vals notes on the recent packing event at MacRob
Great day … exhausting but fantastic atmosphere and outcome.  The girls packed 20,000 meals on the day.
Thanks to club members:  David Shave, Bill Granger, Lili-Ann Kriegler, Rob Anderson, Ted Waghorne, Rob Simpson, ….  They all worked SO HARD!! Also, Doug of course. 
And in particular Kevin Xiao, although he isn’t able to attend meetings because it conflicts with his working day/night, he is a spectacular member of our club and is a key member of the FORaMEAL team.  He worked very closely with MacRob to make sure the event went smoothly and we couldn’t do as well without his support
We are now back on hold until restrictions ease, but we are likely to be busy in September - December.   Strathcona are keen to proceed with event ASAP; Anne Browne has also advised that Kew High School are set to go.  
RLI Release
The Rotary Leadership Institute
The Rotary Leadership Institute Program presents a wonderful opportunity for experienced Rotarians, new members and indeed people interested in finding out more about Rotary to take some time to experience the history, current and new initiatives related to this great organisation we call Rotary.
This four-part program is now available online.
Part 1 & 2:
Growing and strengthening Clubs through developing a Plan for the future of your Club.
Looking at Rotary Leadership through examining the styles and characteristics of great leaders.
Becoming a confident Club President or another club leader through understanding the roles and responsibilities and characteristics of effective and happy teams.
Part 3:  Focussing and Increasing Humanitarian Service whilst learning more about The Avenues of Service and The Rotary Foundation.
Part 4: Enhancing Public Image and Awareness of Rotary and Sharing and promoting what we do
The next Rotary Leadership Institute will be conducted on the following dates:
Part 1 and 2 on Sunday the 8 August at 11am and will run for one and a half hours.
Part 3 on Sunday the 15 August at 11am for one hour
Part 4 on Sunday the 22 August at 11am for one hour
To register you need to email Jane Pennington by Friday 30 July. There is a limit of 20 people for each program.
East Gippsland Timber Milling Project
Here's a quick report on the Lucas Mill Project which we have supported as a club
PROJECT UPDATE                            15th July 2021
Bernie Farquhar clearly remembers sitting back listening to Ingrid Biram and Glen Schaeche at Simon and Fran Conn’s residence for a BBQ last June 14th 2020. It was a think tank of ideas flowing from tool library’s to picnic tables to assist Fire affected people. But it was the Lucas Mill that had been loaned to the Birams that set us on a journey together. He was representing the East Gippsland Rotary Fire aide group. His part in the group was coordinating fencing materials donated from around the country and purchasing from grant money applied for through Rotary international, working alongside Blaze Aid who were doing external fencing only and only went where materials were supplied. The realization of the extent of replacing fences internally was overwhelming and a looming issue for Farmers across the Burnt out East Gippsland.
Driving through areas such as Sarsfield, Buchan and Bete Belong talking to farmers about future needs was heart breaking and overwhelming, how were we going to assist so many. While on the day it was nothing more than an idea that was discussed in General, the bells started to ring and Bernie started the discussion with others in Rotary, and with Ingrid Birams constant ringing, the first monies was raised by 5 Rotary Clubs of Melbourne when he had our first Mill.
Initially it was thought a group of volunteers could supply labour to operate the mill and things would be great, Then we saw the mill and realized this had to be operated by well-trained operators or a disastrous accident could occur. Insurance, training, transport, security, privacy and above all safety issues all needed addressing and the East Gippsland Timber Milling project was Born, a group of amazing volunteers who knew the end goal was to assist Farmers, but no way did we consider how important and how well received it would be with sponsors and more importantly by Farmers.
The East Gippsland Timber Milling Project was imagined to utilise all trees fallen during, and because of, the 2019/2020 summer bushfires. The trees are located on private landholdings throughout East Gippsland. The project mills these trees and turns them in to a useable resource for the landholder at nil cost to them. The common uses for this repurposed timber is for the construction/ replacement of fences and stock yards. This assists the landholder in their personal recovery. In the terms of farming land holdings this assists their agri-business recovery as well
As Rotary had bought the Lucas Mill financial support was sought from DELWP and the Australian Lions Foundation. ALF was to provide vehicle and trailer and DELWP operational funding to deliver the project. Both organisations provided generous support allowing the project to proceed. The project was launched at Sarsfield Recreation Reserve on 26th of February this year. It’s a project between the Lions Club of Bruthen and The Rotary Fire Aid Group.
Two not for profit companies were set up with the express intention of providing milling for the project. Each company providing one employee. These contractors were unemployed East Gippslanders who now possess an Accredited Tafe Trained certificate in the safe operation of a Lucas Mill and other timber milling best practices. Training was provided by Forestec a part of TAFE Gippsland, and funded Rotary. Both companies were offered mentoring / assistance in their setup and ongoing business operation by the qualified financial manager Ray Mengler who is part of the project.
Canterbury Rotary Lunch Group
As you can imagine the ability to have our lunches is very fluid with Covid and lockdowns.  
Once we get back into another "norm" we will have more information on upcoming events. More news to follow when we have it to hand
The Canterbury Rotary Club lunch usually meets bi-weekly for a meal and some fun.
David Zrna looks after the reservations for the lunch group. Please contact David at  or on 0467033092 to advise that you will be coming to a lunch.
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Oct 11, 2021
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Club Meeting - Cathy Dodson
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Oct 18, 2021
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World Polio Day
Oct 24, 2021
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