These are the four children that have been selected in Nepal to attend school for the first time in their lives. Two girls, Sertiy & Vumika and two boys, Santos and Santosh, will receive school uniforms, books and their first year of education, thanks to a new club International Service project initiated by our member, Josh Fergeus, in 2015. If you would like to assist Josh with this project please contact us.

According to recent reports, the Nepal Living Standards Survey 2010-2011 (NLSS- III) has found out that Nepal has an adult literacy rate of 56.6% with a huge variation between men and women. While male literacy rate is 71.6%, it is only 44.5% for women. This shows that there is still a belief among Nepalese people that girls are limited to go to schools.

“If you teach a man, you teach an individual but if you teach a woman, you teach the whole family,” goes a saying. If women are educated they will share their knowledge with everyone. They teach their children and manage their homes more effectively. They may even be able to help to run a family business.

In Nepal there is a shortage of funds for learning tools such as extra classrooms, libraries, scientific equipment, laboratories, field work and research. Many schools do not even have a toilet for students. Nepal spends 16 percent of the national budget on education. Nepal’s share of higher education in the education budget was 6% in 2004, which was one of the lowest in the world.