National Youth Science Forum

KateOliverThe National Youth Science Forum, in Australia and overseas, “aims to give a deeper insight into science and its applications for the benefit of all mankind: and to develop a greater understanding between young people of all nations”. Students are selected based not just on their academic achievements, but also on their other interests and their social and communication skills. In the January NYSF, and throughout their NYSF experience, these young scientists will acquire additional skills that will allow them to take their place as tomorrow’s leaders.


Dates for the 2017 National Youth Science Forum:

Applications for the 2017 NYSF opened on Tuesday 1st of March 2016.
Applications to Rotary clubs will close on Tuesday 31st May 2016.

Session A: Monday 2nd January 2017 – Saturday 14th January 2017
Session C: Monday 16th January 2017 – Saturday 28th January 2017

The Rotary Club of Canterbury is in District 9800.

How do you get an application to this Rotary Club?

First fill out the online application form on this website, then email the completed form to our club’s Youth Service Chair along with the other supporting documentation that’s requested. You’ll need to pay $60 as part of the online registration process. Full details are on the application form. You need to provide:

  • A carefully written letter outlining your personal interests and achievements and giving reasons why you should be chosen, and;
  • A copy of your latest year 11 school report.

Who should apply?

MadiIf you are presently in Year 11, a permanent resident of Australia, and are considering tertiary studies in science, engineering or related areas at an Australian university then you are eligible to apply.

There are no limits on the number of students who can apply from any one school. If more than one person from your school is applying then it is a good idea to apply to different Rotary Clubs so you are not competing against one another in the first round of selection.

The program is designed specifically for those bright young Australians who will be tomorrow’s leaders in the sciences. We can really open your eyes to some extraordinary possibilities and give you a head start. If this sounds like you then why not apply?

What happens after I apply ?

If you meet the selection criteria, our Rotary club will inform you of a date and time for a formal interview during the month of June.

Jimmy2If you are chosen to be supported by our Rotary club, you will be nominated for District selections. It is at these selections that final decisions are made about who will attend the NYSF. Again, our Rotary club, and/or District Chair, will inform you of the procedures for this step.

At this point you should return to your online application and login again at, in order to see if any further details are required from you before you proceed to District selections.

If you are successful at the District interview, you and your parents will be invited to attend a dinner meeting with our club. Here you will hear from a previous NYSFer who has been sponsored by our club. You will also have the opportunity to briefly introduce yourself to our members.

What will it cost ?

NYSF2016The cost for a student to attend the NYSF is $3,097. This covers all travel, accommodation and meals while at the Forum. This amount is subsidised by Industry and University partners of the NYSF.

If you are selected by our club, we will cover 2/3 of this cost, so your cost will be $1032. You pay this to our Rotary Club once your district selection has been confirmed, and this confirms your place in your session next January.

Are there any other expectations ?

TimWe ask you to help us to raise funds for community projects by collecting entry donations at the gates for one of the Sunday Camberwell markets. This starts at 7:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm. You will always be paired with a Rotarian and it’s quite a fun experience.

We also ask you to return as a guest speaker to report on your NYSF experience to both our club members, and next year’s successful applicants.